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How to Maintain a Delicious Healthy Diet Many people are constantly trying to find the best things to eat. This is because many of us try to lose weight or increase our muscle mass. Also, eating properly is very important when it comes to our overall health. If you decide to change the way you eat to be more healthy, below you will find some advice on this matter:

1) Eat proper amounts of vegetables. Unfortunately, many people do not eat enough vegetables. This is because it is natural to prefer a steak than some steamed vegetables. You should know that vegetables have some important nutrients for your body.

2) Do not eat fried foods. This is because by frying food, it loses some of the nutrients needed by your body. Also, ingesting oil is not good for your health. Instead, you may broil or bake the food.

3) Do not eat many sugary foods. Foods that contain lots of sugar have many calories. Also, these types of foods have only few nutrients that your body may use. Examples of sugary foods are cakes, ice creams or flavored drinks.

4) Eat fruits every day. Unfortunately, many people eat sugary foods instead of fruits. Fresh fruits are very healthy. It is important to eat them as they are rich in vitamins needed by your body.

5) Eat a lot of fiber. In order to have a proper digestion, fibers are the most important types of foods. Also, they have the ability to reduce the level of cholesterol in our body.

6) Variety is very important for a healthy diet. You need to eat all kinds of grains, vegetables, fruits and others in order to benefit from their vitamins and minerals. Meat is also important but make sure you do not eat more meat than others.

7) Try to eat less salty foods. The sodium from the salt may induce blood pressure conditions. Salt may be found in many prepared foods or fast foods so do not think that if you put lesser salt in your food, you have solved your problem.

8) Try to eat less fat. There are two types of fat: the saturated one and the non-saturated one. The saturated one is bad for your health as it increases you blood pressure and may induce heart problems. However, fat from fish meat for example has many benefits for your body. When it comes to fat, it is better to eat chicken and fish than any other types of meat.

9) Try to drink less alcohol. Alcohol is not healthy for your body as it may induce several diseases. However, studies reveal that drinking alcohol moderately can be helpful and does not harm your body in any way.

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Anyone know a good site with healthy eating and diet advice?

I put a little weight and want to eat healthier and to exercise abs for good tone, as well as my rear end and thighs. I have 13 weeks to get the perfect body for bikini season. I look forward to all the diet advice. Suggestions are appreciated.

Another great site is Hope that helps, Dave

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